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This background paper is a product of UNIQUE forestry & Land Use, and an outcome of a joint project with Germanwatch e.V., and ClimateFocus on “Long-term finance of REDD+”, which is part of the International Climate Initiative (ICI).


As the demand for these commodities will continue to increase globally, it is consensus that
deforestation-free supply chains need to be developed and promoted. This marks a key entry point for integrating the private sector and landscape-level interventions which will then be specified by the specific features of a landscape, the theoretical options, the enabling environment and the stakeholder preferences have an influence on the strategy and the focus.

Options for interventions include

  • the introduction of new commodities and – in the context of ecosystem restoration – marketable high value native timber species that can be sustainably produced, or products where the source of origin can be traced and a certified premium production landscape adds value to the product,
  • implementing innovative and sustainable land use practices, in particular increasing the efficiency of production, to reduce the pressure on forests while ensuring livelihoods,
  • exploring and developing new markets and marketing strategies for sustainably produced ecosystem goods and services, including appropriate labelling and certification, and tapping revenues for non-provisioning services such as ecotourism or carbon payments.

The main and immediate challenge lies in overcoming the transition period which often requires considerable investments while the revenues occur at a much later point of time – a
liquidity gap which prevents that the transition can take place, despite the availability of economically sound land use alternatives: local land and right holders rarely have access to affordable loans and the available public funding is seldom sufficient to close these liquidity
gaps. These gaps require innovative approaches and viable business models3 which are a crucial element for the development of landscape-level investment packages (LLIPs).

Have a read of the background paper and share your thoughts!

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