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I hereby upload (again) the paper that I recently presented in one conference relating to power relations in protected area management.
The paper needs lots of improvements since it is only the initial result of my research. In invite you all to provide me comments, suggestions, recommendations....

Thanks in advance and look forward to receiving your response.

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Dear Quang,

I have downloaded your great paper! Thanks for uploading. Since I still start learn social knowledge, I need more time to read it. I am sure that I will learn much lesson from you! Tq
Dear Enny,

Thanks for your message. I must also confess that I am also in the initial process of learning social sciences. It would be great if I can receive you feed backs as well as learn from you know-how and experience.

Please keep our finger-crossed.


Dear Quang,

Thank you a lot for your manuscript. I´m starting to study socioecological systems, and I war already searching about the influence of power influences on these systems and on conservation projects successes or failures. Well, your article was a great introduction for my studying, and I agree with on many points.


Dear Kika,

Thank you very much for your message. I am happy to hear that the paper to some extend was useful for you. Please keep me informed about your work. I really wish to learn from your experience.


Best regards

Hi Quang,

I very much appreciate your paper which you have expressed your opinions on the influences and impacts of powers and powerful stakeholders in the landcape management (and natural resource management). I wish you will have more chances to study further on this very important aspect for the contexts of the developing countries and Vietnam.
Thanks Luong for your encouragement.

Dear all, 

I'd like to add my thesis to this discussion as well as it relates to Quang's subject. A short introduction:


It is obvious that Sustainable Forest Management remains a hot topic in the global community for a number of reasons:

  • climate change mitigation and moderation of natural disasters
  • opportunities for closing the ever-widening gap between rich and poor
  • assuring the future of humanity
  • community rights and development

About 80% of all forests in the world are managed through public governance, but at the same time there is an increase in other forms of forest ownership, such as community-based management. One would think that conservation programmes are no longer based on the neo-Malthusian assumption that population growth automatically entails a pressure on the surrounding biodiversity. 


But is that really the case? Is the current discourse on SFM really appropriate for the daily realities which unfold in and around protected areas? In my thesis I approach the forest as a social landscape in which various dynamic processes determine how governance emerges or, conversely, how these processes inhibit the emergence of governance. 

I take a look at two case-studies in East-Kalimantan, Indonesia. One is Sungai Wain, which has a widely praised management Western Style (fence-and-fine, but in a softened version). The other one is Gunung Lumut, which basically has a non-management. 

Focus lies on the processes which determine 'governance':

  • power and authority
  • neoliberalism and capitalism
  • class and hierarchy
  • the interaction between all of the above


I hope it can be of any use to those of you who are interested in SFM. 




Dear Lien,

Thank you so much for uploading your thesis. I went through it yesterday. It is very helpful for me. Do you intend to further study on this issue? If yes, it would be nice to keep contact.


Dear Quang,

I'm happy it can be of any use to you! I'm hoping to further study on the subject in the near future, but I have no concrete plans as of yet. 

I'll definitely let you know if a concrete plan takes form! 

Good luck on the remainder of your research too... how is your dissertation coming along? Do you still have a long time to go?

Dear Quang

I also interested in your attachments! Now I am working for Forest Science Institute of Viet Nam.


Your primary report is many pages I will read and comment to you latter


The best

Dear Giap,


Thanks for your interests. I used to work for FSIV. Keep in touch


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