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Herewith, I attach two documents which are worth reading:
- Mediating forest transitions: grand design or muddling through? (Sayer, Bull, Elliot); and
- FLR: restoring what and for whom? (Sayer & Boedhihartono).
Enjoy reading!
Thanks Cora, This is very usefull information for me

best regard

Dear Cora,

It's my pleasure to have you back, wanted only to send to all members an overview of Virunga Landscape.

Virunga's landscape evokes another planet or an earlier geological age. There is nowhere else on earth like it. To find out what is being done to protect this wonderful place and the lifeforms that inhabit it, please visit

Hi Marie, Nice to hear from you, and so good to see all your photos, your document, and your news. What shall we do, shouldn't we make Virunga a FLR learning site? We have already quite some sites in Rwanda, and I really feel that Virunga should be amongst. I will be in Rwanda in September, will it be possible to meet? Or maybe we could even have a small FLR meeting with the network members in Rwanda, will be really nice. I am waiting for your contributions to the discussions!!

All the best,


Thanks Cora!
A study on the approach and implementation of forest landscape restoration in the Netherlands, carried out by a team of Wageningen students, commissioned by the GPFLR learning network.
This is the reference document that was the result of our study on FLR in the Netherlands. A more brief description, including short descriptions of the learning sites we visited, can be found at
Adaptive o-management for socio-ecological complexity, Armitage et al, 2009

It´s a really nice paper!

Hello Mirjam,

Great Ape Trust of Iowa/Gishwati Area Conservation Program has not yet published the research data but people can read some articles about our program on
Thank you Cora for inspiring documents.
Dear GPFLR members,

We are very interested to learn from you as experts and practitioners in the field of forest landscape restoration. As 5 master students from Wageningen University with intercultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds, we are working on a consultancy project about Forest Landscape Restoration. Our goal is to enhance social learning on the GPFLR learning network by providing a framework for comparative analysis.

A previous study identified six key parameters (collaborative process, adaptive management, ecological integrity, double filter, landscape-level view and policy) on FLR in the Netherlands. In our current project, we will use these parameters to compare FLR practices in the Netherlands to those in tropical countries. Based on our preliminary comparative analysis, we have developed a questionnaire which will be sent to selected experts and will also be available on the FLR website. Preliminary results of the questionnaire will be discussed in Block 5 of the GPFLR learning network (30th of May - 15th of June 2010).

Today the questionnaire will be send to some of you. Please fill it in before the end of next week (28th of May). If the questionnaire has not been send to you directly, you are still welcome to participate. The questionnaire is attached below.

We highly appreciate your time and effort to participate,

Kind regards,

Marcus Granz
Rinchen Yangzom
Lotty Nijhuis
Madelon Lohbeck
Natasha de Bats
Dear Madelon,

Please find I uploaded the questionnaire - hope it is still useful for your further analysis.


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