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Here you find answers to 10 Frequently Asked Questions about this platform.. Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact Mirjam Schaap via

You can also download a short printable guide (500kB) on how to become a member and add a profile picture.

1. How do I join the network?
To be able to contribute to the ning network and to be able to join ning group you must have a ning ID.

a. If you don't have a ning ID, you can sign up for one.

  • click on 'sign up'
  • provide your e-mail address
  • provide + retype a password
  • provide a birthday
  • retype two words in sign-up form (provided in image)
  • You will get an e-mail: open the e-mail and click on the link in the e-mail

note : if you can't find an e-mail from Ning in your inbox, check your spambox.

b. If you already have a Ning ID, you can sign in with your exisiting ID.

note : In this FLR Learning Network, new network members have to be appoved by an network adiministrator, this can take some time. You will receive an email once your membership is approved.

2. How do I upload or change my picture or profile?

  • Go to ‘My Page’ by using the taskbar or by clicking on your own picture.
  • Click on ‘Change my photo’ at the left side of my page, under the picture.
  • In the next screen (see photo), click on ‘profile photo’
  • Click on ‘Browse’ to upload an image from your computer by clicking on browse. You can select an image from your computer and click on open.
  • Click on Done

Your picture will appear on your page and with your postings. If you upload a smaller image it will take less time to upload your picture. On ‘my page’ you will also find a box with ‘profile information’. You click on +add profile information. You will see the screen above and can change your information. Don’t forget to click on save at the bottom on the page to save your new information.

3. How do I stay up-to-date with things happening on the Centre for Development Innovation community?

  • Take an email notification. You can receive emails when new discussions get started. Go to the forum page. At the bottom of the page you have to click on ‘Notify– Email me when there are new discussions’ You will now receive a mail in your inbox when a new discussion is started. You can stop this at any time by going to Forum again and click on ‘Stop Notifying– Don't email me when there are new discussions’. Similarly, you can click at the bottom of a discussion page to get emails whenever a new person reacts to a certain discussion.
  • Follow the ‘latest activities’ box on the homepage. You will find this box in the left column on the home page. The latest activities give an overview of what people have recently posted on the platform. You can click on the green links. It will take you straight to the discussion or other activity so that you can read it.
  • Use the search function to look for a topic. You will find the search function in the black bar in the upper right corner.
  • Use RSS. If you have an RSS reader, you can take an RSS subscription on either the recent activities (home page), discussions (Forum).

4. Can I receive e-mails when something new is posted on the platform?
Yes, You can receive e-mails when new discussions get started. We advise you to take this email alert so that you know when an interesting contribution has been posted.

  • Go to the Forum page by clicking on the relevant tab.
  • Click on ‘Notify– Email me when there are new discussions’ at the bottom of the page. You will now receive a mail in your inbox when a member starts a new discussion.

To stop the notification you go to the forum page and click on ‘Stop Notifying– Don't email me when there are new discussions’.

5. How do I reply to a discussion?
It is very easy to reply to a discussion. Under a discussion, you will see an empty box and the text 'reply to this'. Type your answer in the box and click on add reply. That's all!

6. How do I start a discussion?
The Forum is the place for discussions. You can start a new discussion by going to the Forum page and you click on +add a discussion in the upper right corner. If the forum has various categories you can choose which category you want to place your discussion. Click on the relevant category first and then click on +add a discussion. You will get a screen with a box in which you can type your message.

  • Type your message in the box. If you want you can add an attachment by clicking on ‘browse’. When you click on browse you can select a file from your computer.
  • Type a title for your discussion in the ‘discussion title’ box. It is important to think of a clear title because the title will inspire people to read your discussion.
  • You can add tag in the tagline. Tags are keywords that say something about the topic of your discussion. For instance ‘FLRprinciple-1’ and ‘Indonesia’. Tags can help later on to find discussions on relevant topics.

When you’re done, you click on the button with ‘add discussion’.

7. How do I add an attachment to my discussion?
When you are typing a response you can click on ‘upload files’ at the bottom of the box. You will see three lines with ‘browse’. When you click on browse you can select a file from your computer. Click on ‘open’ to add the file to your discussion. You can add a maximum of three files.

8. Do I reply to a discussion or start a new discussion?
If you would like to raise a completely new subject it is best to start a new discussion. It will help people to notice your question. However, it is not possible to a make a mistake! There is no such thing as posting in the wrong place. And the facilitator can always help you to move the discussion to improve the structure of the forum.

9. Can anybody on the internet read what I post?
The community is private. This means that anything that you post can only be read by the members of the platform, except for the homepage. The homepage is public and can be seen by anybody.

10. Can I send a private message to a member of the platform?
Yes. You can go to a member’s page by clicking on their picture anywhere on the platform. You can click on a member’s picture from the members page (click on the members tab on the home page) or at any other place where you find the member’s picture.

  • Go to the member’s page by clicking on his/her picture
  • Under the picture at the left you will see ‘send a message’.
  • Click on ‘send a message’ You can type a message that will only be seen by the recipient. He or she will get a notification by email about this.

Alternatively, you can write on the page of a member by writing in the comment wall box, but that message is not private. Other members of the platform can read that message too.

Do you have another question that is not part of this list? Ask your question in the World Cafe Discussion Forum "Need help with using the patform?"

You can also join us in one of the Walk Through Guided Tours on 24 March and 8 April.

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