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Here, you can find more information on the various events that take place on this network.

FLR: what's new? From April 1 till July 15 2010 we have organized an online exchange on this platform with the theme Forest Landscape Restoration: What's New? More information here.

Commonwealth Forestry Conference The 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference with the theme of “Restoring the Commonwealth’s Forests: Tackling Climate Change” took place in Edinburgh, UK from 28 June to 2 July 2010. Read more about this conference here.

IUFRO World Congress Every four or five years, IUFRO organizes a World Congress in a different country. This year, the congress takes place in Seoul, Korea. Read more here.

FLR Principles and guidelines In this event, we discussed the 10 basic principles of an adapative landscape approach. During this event, each of the principles have been discussed, and illustrated with more specific guidelines and practical examples.

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