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FLR: What's new?

From April 1 till July 15 2010 we have organized an online exchange on this platform with the theme Forest Landscape Restoration: What's New? Below you can find some more details about the event.

What were the objectives of the online exchange?
* Develop a common and clear understanding of the Forest Landscape Restoration approach
* Get inspiration and practical ideas how to translate the concept into practice in your work as practitioner, policy maker or researcher
* Identify what a vibrant learning network on Forest Landscape Restoration will look like and what is needed to make it work

How can I participate?
Are you working in the forest field and are you interested in the Forest Landscape Restoration approach? Or are you already working with this approach? Interested in exchanging with colleagues all over the world? Please join us by reading and contributing your ideas online. Every new block and event you will get information by email about the topics and how you can participate. Even though this event has ended, new events will be held that you can still participate in

How much time does it take to participate?

To participate actively takes about 2-3 hours for each block. There were seven blocks of 2 weeks in this event. However, you can choose to be more active in blocks that you find very interesting and less active in other blocks.

The main language of this exchange is English. However, there is the opportunity to form groups in other languages. There is already a French group. Contact Mirjam Schaap ( if you would like to start a group in another language

What was the program?
The program is set up in seven blocks of two weeks. We started each block with an active week, followed by a week of relative rest where people who have missed the first week can catch up. Each block started with an email to all participants in which the activities of the block were explained.
Below, you can see the topic of each block, with the discussions held in that block. To view a discussion, simply click on the name:

Block 1 April 1-15: Getting to know eachother
The A,B,C, of our group
Which keywords pop up when you think of Forest Landscape Restoration?
Introducing ourselves
Block 2 April 15-30: Forest Landscape Restoration: what is it?
Forest Landscape Restoration: What's New?
Key words continued...
Construction of our common learning agenda
Block 3 May 1-15: FLR: old wine in new bottles?
Forests of the 21st Century
The new elements of Forest Landscape Restoration compared to other approaches
Overlap with other approaches
Forest Landscape Restoration: what and for whom?
Block 4 May 15-31: Innovative practice in Forest Landscape Restoration
Virtual Journey to Rwanda and Thailand
Working at the policy level
Innovation of livelihoods: Indirect compensation
Innovative practices in natural regeneration
Virtual Journey to Indonesia and Ghana
Block 5 June 1-15: Multi-stakeholder processes and the role of the private sector
Innovative practices in stakeholder approaches: the case of COOPLANTAR, a cooperative of reforestation workers in Brazil
Virtual Journey to the Netherlands
Production versus protection: Competing claims on the landscape
Block 6 June 15-30: the Commonwealth Forest Conference
Are you going to the Commonwealth conference and would you like to meet up with network members?
FLR and climate change: your experiences shared
FLR cinema: Hope in a changing climate
Comparative analysis of FLR projects
Poll: Which sessions should we visit?
Block 7 July 1-15: Next steps towards a vibrant learning network
John D. Liu on Climate Change - an interview
Quick Poll: Future of the Network
Brainstorm with us...
Looking back - The CFC Blog

Who are the organizers?
The organizers of this event are the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration. Together with the Centre for Development Innovation they are the organisers of this online exchange.

Still have a question?
You can contact Cora van Oosten with questions about the learning network or the online exchange Forest Landscape Restoration: What's New. Send an e-mail to

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