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Websites in English
Homepage of CATIE, which is also available in Spanish. CATIE is an international institution focusing on research and graduate education in the agricultural sciences and natural resources, and on environmental aspects related to both. Its mission is to stimulate development, conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources in the American tropics through the application of knowledge, experiences and technologies.
Homepage of the Environmental Education Media Project. This project is dedicated to continuous research and collaborative learning in environmental, sustainable development, and public health subjects; and to producing, gathering and distributing high quality audio-visual materials to support public awareness of these crucial issues.
Homepage of IUCN - Thailand. This site is also available in French and Spanish.
Homepage of the Groasis waterboxx: a device that is able to make and capture water from air without using energy, enabling the planting of trees or bushes in eroded or desert areas.
Homepage of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation; a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to re-shaping the future by enabling non-government, private voluntary, and people's organizations into sectors capable of democratizing development initiatives.
Homepage of ITTO; an intergovernmental organization promoting conservation and sustainable management, as well as the use and trade of tropical forest resources.
Homepage of the International Model Forest Network (IMFN). The members and supporters of this network work toward a common goal: the sustainable management of forest-based landscapes through the Model Forest approach.
Website of the 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference, to be held from June 28th to July 2nd in Edinburgh.
Homepage of the Soil and Water Conservation Foundation, which aims for promotion of natural and human resources development through implementation of activities, projects and programs which are participatory, cooperative, community-building and sustainable.
Homepage of the Great Ape Trust, which is a scientific research facility in Des Moines, Iowa, dedicated to understanding the origins and future of culture, language, tools and intelligence, and to the preservation of endangered great apes in their natural habitats.
Homepage of the Philippine Eagle Foundation, which is committed to promote the survival of the Philippine Eagle, the biodiversity it represents, and the sustainable use of our forest resources for future generations to enjoy.
Homepage of the Center for Integrated Area Studies (CIAS), which aims to integrate information resources on Area Studies, to conduct research in integrated Area Studies, and to make research resources and facilities available to universities and institutions nationwide and globally.
Homepage of IBflorestas. The Brazilian Institute of Forest is a non-profit organization that focuses on reforestation support and protection of native forests.
Homepage of MundusCarbo Environmental Solutions and Carbon Projects. This is an environmental consulting firm that proposes to develop sustainability projects with a focus on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in Latin American countries.
Homepage of CARPE. This site is available in English and French. The Central African Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE) is a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) initiative aimed at promoting sustainable natural resource management in the Congo Basin.
Homepage of Tropenbos International (TBI). TBI is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the Netherlands. Now a programme of research, capacity building and institutional development, they run programmes in the Congo Basin (mainly Cameroon), Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Viet Nam and Suriname. Additionally we support projects in Guyana and Bolivia.
This is the homepage of PRESENCE. It is a learning network which acts as a multi-stakeholder platform for: catalysing capacity building initiatives; guiding transdisciplinary social-ecological research; and supporting implementation (best management practices) aimed at restoring ‘living landscapes’ in South Africa.
Homepage of the Forest Ecosystems group of Alterra. The team of forest ecosystems at Alterra is a research centre focusing on ecological and forest management topics concerning the functioning of forest landscapes, both national and international.
Homepage of the Kenya Forest Service. Kenya Forest Service is a State Corporation established in February 2007 under the Forest Act 2005 to conserve,develop and sustainably manage forest resources for Kenya's social-economic development.
Scientific publication on project ‘keep asia green’. This project aims at presenting and critically analysing past and ongoing forest rehabilitation and restoration efforts in the Asia Pacific region. Towards this end, the project will bring together forest scientists from the various regions in Asia Pacific, to jointly produce a series of publications dealing with forest rehabilitation in each sub-region.
Homepage of the Foundation for Ecological Security. This foundation focuses on locating forests and other natural resources within the prevailing economic, social and ecological dynamics in rural landscapes and in intertwining principles of conservation and local self governance for the protection of the natural surroundings and improvement in the living conditions of the poor.
Homepage of Growcology. Growcology is a public benefit organization nestled within the "Emerald City" of Riverside, Ca. As a sustainable organization we provide community-based programs encouraging citywide collaboration, hands-on green workshops to support education, and a free online community to maintain strong communication with our neighbors.
Homepage of the Tree is Life Trust. Tree Is Life started as a training and capacity building community-based project to promote environmental conservation and awareness as well as improve the livelihoods of rural and urban communities.
Homepage of IUCN. Website is available in English, French and Spanish.
Homepage of the Kipepeo Butterfly Project. Kipepeo is a community based enterprise that supports the livelihoods of people living around Arabuko Sokoke forest in coastal Kenya, East Africa. This provides an incentive for their participation in the conservation of a forest with high biodiversity and endemism.
This is the website of the Landscape Game, a board game through which stakeholders can experiment with the likely impacts of human actions in a landscape where competing land uses and policy dynamics interact.
Homepage of Intercooperation - the Swiss Foundation for Development and International Cooperation. They are piloting an innovative project in Peru, supporting producers of a small rural community of Cusco to produce vegetables in Greenhouses while reaching McDonald’s food standards in order to get better prices and have access to new markets.
Homepage of the Ethiopian Heritage Trust. This is an indigenous NGO, committed to the preservation of Ethiopia’s historical, cultural and natural heritages.
Homepage of the international network for bamboo and rattan. This site is also available in French and Spanish. The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to improving the social, economic, and environmental benefits of bamboo and rattan.
Homepage of the Kumasi Wood Cluster.It was established with the mission, to promote partnership that supports environmentally-sound and economic development of small and medium forest enterprises.
Homepage of the Edinburgh & Lothians forest habitat network partnership. This partnership is committed to promoting the economic, social and ecological benefits of green networks across our Region. Their aim of creating a quality environment will be achieved through coordinated action by communities, agencies and businesses working together.
Information on the IUCN conference ‘The Great Escape,’ held in Amsterdam on April 26 and 27. This site is also available in French and Spanish. This conference aimed to provide clarity amongst policy-makers on the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems to achieve economic development goals.
Homepage of the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact. The aim of the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact is to restore 15 million hectares of the forest by the year 2050, spread across annual plans approved by its Steering Committee.
Website of the Ghana project. This forms part of an international agenda to promote Small and Medium Forest Enterprises (SMFEs) in 13 countries under the coordination of the International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
In this short documentary, (app. 10 min) Jesuina Braga Alves (Jo) tells her life story which illustrates the livelihood of many small scale farmers in the Brazilian Amazon whose survival has been challenged by changes on the climate, controversial rural development policies and top-down approaches to tackle deforestation.

Sites em Português
Website do Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento do Brasil.
Website do Instituto Terra de Preservação Ambiental. A partir de ações nas áreas de conservação da biodiversidade, desenvolvimento local, gerenciamento costeiro e mudanças climáticas, a equipe do Instituto Terra continua, obstinada, na construção de um planeta diverso e justo socialmente.
Homepage do Instituto BioAtlântica. Isto é uma organização da sociedade civil, sem fins lucrativos, que visa à conservação e restauração da Mata Atlântica e seus ecossistemas associados, incluindo formações florestais, restingas, manguezais, áreas costeiras e marinhas.
Homepage do Laboratório de Ecologia e Restauração Florestal. O LERF tem como objetivo principal reunir, desenvolver e difundir o conhecimento sobre a composição, estrutura e funcionamento das florestas Brasileiras, busca-se definer indicadores de diversidade e estudar os processos da dinâmica florestal que sustentam novos métodos de restauração florestal e de monitoramento das florestas remanescentes e das restauradas.
Homepage do Fundação Elvira Mascarim. Esta fundação representa uma iniciativa em prol da transformação de realidades inadequadas como a degradação ambiental e a exclusão social. Para tal, utiliza a produção de mudas e a prestação de serviços em reflorestamento como forma de gerar empregos e garantir a qualidade de vida de dezenas de famílias.
Homepage do IBflorestas. O Instituto Brasileiro de Florestas, é uma associação sem fins econômicos que tem como foco de trabalho o apoio no reflorestamento e proteção de florestas nativas.
Homepage do MundusCarbo Soluções Ambientais e Projetos de Carbono. Esta é uma empresa de consultoria ambiental que propõe o desenvolvimento de projetos de sustentabilidade com foco em reduzir emissões de gases de efeito estufa nos países Latino-Americanos.
Homepage da Empresa Sinhá Laurinha. Esta é uma Organização da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público, sem fim lucrativo, de direite privado, com autonomia administrativa e financeira e atuação a nível Estadual, destacando entre seus objetivos a qualidade de vida. A Sociedade se destaca também nos projetos direcionados à educação ambiental, proteção à fauna silvestre e na participação em Conselhos de Meio Ambiente Estadual e Regional, ao Conselho Municipal do Idoso, como conselheira.
Homepage do Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas. Este site também está disponível em Japonês. O IPÊ é considerado uma das maiores ONGs ambientais do Brasil e possui título de OSCIP.
Scribd perfil de Edson Alves de Araújo, com muitos documentos interessantes sobre a restauração florestal no Brasil.
Homepage do Pacto de Restauração da Floresta Atlântica. O objectivo do Pacto é restaurar 15 milhões de hectares da floresta até o ano de 2050, espalhados por planos anuais aprovadas pelo seu Comitê Gestor.

Páginas web en Español
Página web de CATIE, que también está disponible en Inglés. El CATIE es una institución internacional de investigación y enseñanza de posgrado en materia de ciencias agropecuarias, recursos naturales y de aspectos ambientales relacionados con ambos temas. Su misión es contribuir a la reducción de la pobreza rural en el trópico americano, promoviendo una agricultura y manejo de recursos naturales competitivos y sostenibles, a través de la educación superior, investigación y cooperación técnica.
Página web de los Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia.
Página web de la UICN - Tailandia. Este página también está disponible en Inglés y Francés.
Página web de REDLAN. REDLAN tiene por objetivos: fomentar la investigación en ecología de la restauración en Latinoamérica, vincular la capacidad científica y técnica con las fuentas potenciales de financiamiento para la restauración ecológica a nivel global, y establecer nexos entre la Red y sociedades para complementar los esfuerzos y las destrezas.
Página web de MundusCarbo Soluciones Ambientales y el Proyecto de carbono. Esta es una empresa de consultoría ambiental que se propone desarrollar proyectos de sostenibilidad con un enfoque en la reducción de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en los países Latinoamericanos.
Página web de la UICN. Este página está disponible en Inglés, Francés y Español.
Página web de la UICN en Mesoamérica.
Página web de la Red Internacional para el bambú y el ratán. Este página también está disponible en Francés y Inglés. La Red Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán (INBAR) es una organización intergubernamental dedicada a mejorar las condiciones sociales, económicas y beneficios ambientales del bambú y el ratán.
Información sobre la conferencia de la UICN "The Great Escape," que se celebró en Amsterdam el 26 de abril y 27. Este página también está disponible en Francés y Inglés. Esta conferencia tuvo como objetivo proporcionar claridad entre los responsables polítocos sobre la importancia de mantener los ecosistemas sanos para alcanzar las metas de desarrollo económico.

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