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IS THERE RECYCLING IN BOGOTA? Involving multiple stakeholders in a shared responsibility

When I’m asked whether there is recycling in Bogota I always say yes, eliciting surprise among those who live in this huge city. There has been recycling for many years, despite negligence on the part of the government, and individual households. The government has delayed an official public policy regarding recycling because, among other reasons, the city's citizens are not familiar separating their rubbish. Conversely, many citizens say they don´t separate their rubbish…


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A multi-stakeholder campaign to protect some threatened palm species in Colombia. Is everyone here?

Holy Week in Colombia is sadly a time where wildlife populations are decimated either for ritual purposes, or because of the prohibition against eating red meat. Thus, turtles, iguanas and palm hearts become part of the menu Catholics eat during this time, with no control over the sustainability of these practices, and including sometimes cruelty to animals. For example, iguana eggs are extracted through a ventral cut from alive animals that are released afterwards with an open wound to die…


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Planned cities, sustainable cities

The rain has returned to Bogota, the capital of Colombia, bringing collapse and exposing once again the vulnerability of this huge city to climate change. With a continuously growing population of almost 7,500,000, Bogota experienced a severe flood emergency for most of 2011 (see photo on top), and part…


Added by Catherine Gamba-Trimiño on January 27, 2012 at 3:00am — 4 Comments

Top-down approaches could work sometimes: World Heritage Site to be protected in Colombia

When I lived in England I had the privilege of working for an international donor funding nature conservation projects in Africa and Asia. As part of my duties I would comment on submitted proposals, ensuring they would contribute to advancing our program goals. During that time we received several requests wanting to nominate threatened landscapes for the UNESCO World Heritage Site List (, but more…


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Communal lands and power imbalance: are communities ready to engage in NRM* negotiations?

Colombia is home to over 10% of the world’s plant and animal species despite covering just 0.7% of the planet’s surface, and has more registered species of birds and amphibians than any other country in the world.  And inside Colombia the Pacific coast, known as the Chocó, is a biodiversity hotspot, a vast expanse of seasonally flooded forests, rainforests, and mangroves characterized by some of the highest levels of rainfall on the planet. 

African descendants and indigenous peoples…


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